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The original High Street ground floor was built in 1719 with the building later raised by 3 storeys in the early 19th century. The building was later extended on no less than 4 occasions over the next 150 years. Much of the building fabric was in a state of disrepair and less then half of the premises was usable.

Upon entering the building from the High Street we removed the original low ceilings to create a double height volume allowing more light to flood in from the first floor windows. As the site is deep and narrow we removed much of the ground floor walls to create a linear flow towards the rear of the pub which has more of a dining emphasis. Rooflights and full height glazing were introduced to the rear to introduce natural light and pull customers further into the building from the main frontage.

A small external area was created within the envelope of the outer walls separated from inside by only a full height glazed screen to help unify the spaces.